Nourish the world without harming the planet


Climate change is fueling a global hunger crisis – innovation could be the answer

Bernard Kowatsch, Head, Innovation Accelerator, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and partner of Food Innovation Hubs, has written a hopeful article how innovation can help improving farmer’s income and making agriculture more resilient for climate change.

A summary:

  • Exacerbated by climate change and inflation, the number of people facing acute food insecurity worldwide has more than doubled since 2019 — from 135 million to 345 million.
  • But new technology and innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, sensors and others when coupled with the right investments, capacity and partnerships, could help farmers increase their incomes and improve resilience against climate change.
  • Already, the World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator Programme, as well as a host of private and NGO initiatives, are pushing forward innovations at the nexus of climate and food.

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